This module includes tools to deal with time, dates, and intervals.


return a python datetime.timedelta that is repesented by an human parseable Interval string. NwNdNhNmNs, i.e. 1w2d3h4m5s - One week, 2 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Which can be quite useful if you want a human to schedule a delay or time based repeat interval.


return a python datetime.timedelta represented by interval.

Parameters:interval – str
Return type:datetime.timedelta
from dhp.tempus import delta_from_interval

for k, val in iteritems(my_dict):
    do_something(k, val)

Use case: supporting python2 code that uses iteritems when targeting both 2 and 3.


is set to the major version of python currently running. Either 2 or 3 respectively.


Imports the correct StringIO for the currently running version of Python.

from dhp.VI import StringIO